Your tack is an investment and it should be taken care of properly.

Here is a good rule of thumb:

  • Bits – wash the bits after each use.
  • Pads – when they get sweaty/dirty.
  • Blankets –  once a year after the winter.
  • Saddles and cinches – wipe down with a damp cloth and saddle soap after every ride. Don’t forget to clean under the flaps and remove the dirt in all the crevices.
    • Deep clean and condition once a month if you are riding 4-5 times per week.
  • Bridles – clean with a damp cloth and saddle soap after every ride. Pay attention to the buckles.
  • Horse boots – clean them when you clean your saddle pads
  • Wraps – toss in the washing machine, in a mesh bag or pillow case, whenever they need cleaning.

For the saddles and tack that have been sitting for a long time and have collected a thick layer of dirt and dust you can send those to me and I will clean and condition them for you. If you have saddles and tack that are needing a deep cleaning and conditioning, please contact me. Using my tack cleaning service will give you more time with your horse and more time for the important things in life.

Click here for my price list.

If you have specific cleaning and conditioning products that you would like me to use on your tack please let me know.

Pick-up and delivery days are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

A Personal Touch

I believe in giving a “personal touch” to my work, so all of my client’s saddles will be returned with a nice saddle cover.

All headstall, bridles and smaller pieces will be returned with a dust cover.